Kubra Sait’s Journey of Self-Discovery: Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro

In a world where the pace of life often leaves little room for introspection, actress and influencer Kubra Sait embarked on a transformative journey to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. In a recent reflection, she shares the profound impact this climb had on her personal growth and self-discovery.

For Kubra, the journey to the top of Africa’s highest peak wasn’t just about conquering a physical challenge; it was a deeply introspective experience that forced her to confront her inner demons and embrace change. Recalling the climb, she describes in her caption,”Hi Hoomans!

It’s rather strange that only when I watched this video on repeat, is when, the memories of the #Summit of #Uhuru peak came crashing in. Standing small on the roof of #Africa All I remember is being positively delirious!

Climbing a #mountain let alone a marker world class Summit isn’t something that happens ever so casually… but for me it happened in the blink of anExactly a month before this climb I was beating stress with more stress and undeniably the result was a shit show. I do not know how many relate to this… but 2023 for me was a BIG YEAR of realignment. I had to work actively to beat old processes, thoughts and beliefs. They needed to be shattered in order to embrace the new.
This mountain made me go madly and deeply inwards. I had to see and experience the learning for my own self… I realised how the breath can be worked with when I was most impatient with myself. The little things that I dreaded to do were the biggest things I had to overcome to be better and kinder to my own self

I’m going to be so so grateful to @aquaterraadventures and @vaibhavkala forever… for many reasons… but first and foremost for loving and welcoming a rookie like me in my early 30’s into the wild, unpredictable outdoors a decade ago… he continues to treat each and every member of the crew and group like family and I will treasure that forever. Coz once you go Kala there is no turning around.”

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