Radhikka Madan Embodies Maharashtrian Grace as ‘Rani’ in Upcoming Film “Sarfira”

Radhikka Madan Embodies Maharashtrian Grace as ‘Rani’ in Upcoming Film “Sarfira”

Renowned actress Radhikka Madan is set to captivate audiences once again with her stunning transformation into a traditional Marathi girl for her role as ‘Rani’ in the highly anticipated film “Sarfira.” With her ethereal beauty and authentic portrayal, Radhikka promises to bring depth and authenticity to this culturally rich character.

“Being a Delhi girl, it was quite a challenge for me to embody a Marathi woman authentically – getting the dialect, tone, and body language just right.” Radhikka explained. “I dedicated three months to learning Marathi and refining my body language, which was further enhanced by the costumes and accessories I wore. And working alongside such veteran actors like Paresh sir and Akshay sir, and with director Sudha Kongara, kept me on my toes and pushed me to give my best every day on set.”

Radhikka Madan, known for her versatility and dedication to her craft, has immersed herself completely in the role of Rani. Her look in the film, styled meticulously to reflect the quintessential Maharashtrian essence, has already created a buzz among fans and critics alike. From the traditional nauvari sarees to the exquisite nath (nose ring), every element of Radhikka’s appearance has been carefully chosen to portray the elegance and strength of a Marathi woman. Her bindi, hair, and dance all reflect the rich heritage of Maharashtra, adding further authenticity to her character.

She also spoke about how playing “Rani” revitalized her life, saying, “After portraying the urban character ‘Sanaa’, which was quite dark, ‘Rani’ brought a new spark and energy into my life, pulling me out of that zone.”

“Sarfira,” directed by Sudha Kongara Prasad, is a poignant narrative that delves into the life of Rani, a woman of resilience and grace, navigating the complexities of her world with unwavering determination. The film promises to offer a compelling story, beautifully intertwined with cultural authenticity and strong performances. Rani’s character is strong and carries her own unique swag, which will be evident throughout the film.

The film’s director, Sudha Kongara Prasad, expressed her admiration for Radhikka’s dedication to her role. “Radhikka has truly embraced the character of Rani, bringing an authenticity that is rare and remarkable. Her portrayal is bound to leave a lasting impact on the audience.”

“Sarfira” is set to release on 12th July, and with Radhikka Madan’s enchanting performance at its heart, it is poised to be a cinematic experience that celebrates the beauty and strength of Marathi culture.

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