Shamita Shetty Indulges in Guilty Pleasures: Shares her love for Gujarati Cuisine

Actress Shamita Shetty recently delighted her fans by revealing her guilty pleasure: Gujarati food. In a heartwarming gesture, she shared a clip of herself in Vadodara, indulging in a sumptuous spread of typical Gujarati delicacies. From undhiyu to khaman, dhokla to kachoris, the table was adorned with a colorful array of dishes, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Gujarat.

Known for her dedication to fitness and a disciplined diet, Shetty’s confession of indulging in carb-laden Gujarati treats came as a surprise to many. However, in her caption, she emphasized the importance of balance and allowing oneself occasional breaks from strict dietary regimens.

In the video, Shetty can be seen relishing every bite, savoring the flavors of the diverse Gujarati cuisine. Her infectious smile and the genuine happiness reflecting on her face reveal just how much our Bollywood diva loves Gujju food.

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