Shamita Shetty’s Enthralling Encounter with History and Heritage

Bollywood Actress Shamita Shetty recently took her followers on a virtual tour of the majestic Lakshmi Villa Palace, sharing intriguing insights and captivating visuals. In her social media post, Shetty described the palace as a captivating blend of Mughal majesty and Gothic allure, offering a haven for art enthusiasts. Her excitement peaked as she admired the renowned paintings of Raja Ravi Verma, underscoring the palace’s role as a custodian of India’s artistic heritage.

Posting a video for same, she captioned it “Dive into a world where Mughal majesty meets Gothic allure at Lakshmi Villa Palace – an art lover’s utopia I finally got to see famous artist Raja Ravi Verma s paintings in person!!!!Fun fact: apparently this palace is 4 times the size of Buckingham palace !!!”

A highlight of Shetty’s revelations was the staggering scale of Lakshmi Villa Palace, which she disclosed to be four times larger than Buckingham Palace, adding to its allure and grandiosity. Through her portrayal, Shetty not only showcased the architectural marvel of the palace but also celebrated its significance in preserving India’s cultural legacy. Her visit serves as an invitation for others to delve into the rich history and artistic splendor of Lakshmi Villa Palace.

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