“Basking into the success of her debut film Ishq Vishk Rebound – Pashmina Roshan shares a video with little fan! The actress calls it as “most wholesome, fulfilling moment of my life”

Pashmina Roshan’s debut film ‘Ishq Vishk Rebound’ has been released in the theatres yesterday. Ever since the film has been released, the trade, critics, fans and the audiences are truly buzzing about Pashmina Roshan’s performance, charm and screen presence in the film. From the very first frame to the last frame, Pashmina has transformed herself effortlessly into the character of Sanya and her confident appearance speaks the volume.

Pashmina’s presence truly added breath of fresh air in this youthful romantic drama. Her bubblicious appearance, presence, and the vibe she carries as Sanya in the film truly exudes her inbuilt star power.

Basking into the love and praises, Pashmina Roshan is receiving for her debut film ‘ Ishq Vishk Rebound’, the young star has shared a video on her social media where she is seen shaking a leg with her little kid fan.

Sharing the video on the social media, Pashmina Roshan captioned,
“Little star! This truly has to be the most wholesome, fulfilling moment of my life. 🥹♥️”


The smile on the face of Pashmina Roshan clearly shows that the actress is happy with the response she is receiving in her debut film. With her presence and performance Pashmina has made it clear that the actress is definitely a star to watch out in the Indian Cinema. The chemistry between Rohit and Pashmina comes as breath of fresh air in the film and the audiences are praising it.

“Ishq Vishk Rebound,” a modern take on young love, promises to be an emotional and entertaining journey is now playing in cinemas.

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